Monday, October 19, 2009

Interest in Noop?

Have you heard of Noop yet? Noop (see project page here) is a new programming language developed by Google engineers (although not sponsored directly by Google) that is expected to run on the Java Virtual Machine. Why a new program language? According to the project Web site, the purpose of Noop is "encouraging what we believe to be good coding practices and discouraging the worst offenses."

Fans of Spring and the importance of testing (especially unit testing) will note the first two goals of the new language are to build dependency injection and testability right into the language versus having to use 3rd party libraries to bring DI and testing into application environments. Not included in the language (supposedly to make things clearer, simpler, and easier to maintain), among other things are statics, primitive types, and subclassing (implementation inheritance).

To find out more about Noop join their mailing list at Also, a short article on Noop can be found on Application Development Trends website here.

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