Monday, February 23, 2009

A new and united Java ME SDK

In October, Sun released an early access of the new Java ME SDK 3.0. This SDK promises to unite all the Java ME SDKs to include what is the Sun Wireless Toolkit (WTK) for CLDC/MIDP development, the Sun Java Toolkit for CDC as well as integrated tools and libraries for BD-J and the Lightweight User Interface Toolkit (LWUIT). In addition to the uniting the Java ME SDK's, this new SDK provides some very useful tools to include profiling, a device database and search tool, and on-device debugging. The underlying virtual machine also uses the CLDC Hotspot Implementation Virtual Machine (in place of the KVM used with the WTK).

Based on an email from Radko Najman, the final release of the product should be available by JavaOne 2009. In fact, he indicated they hope to have a final release out by March or April.

Find out more about this new SDK at Also, look for my upcoming article on the SDK on

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